Wednesday 9 May 2007

Choice Ireland calls for no more “X” “C” or “D” Cases

Choice Ireland commends today's verdict in favour of “Miss D”s right to travel for an abortion. Nevertheless we are appalled by the treatment “Miss D” has received at the hands of our state. It is unacceptable that yet another woman has been dragged through the courts in order to vindicate her rights and her choice. It is also unacceptable that “Miss D” will now be forced overseas in order to exercise her choice to have an abortion.

Today is not a joyful day for Miss D. While she has finally gained the right to exercise her choice, she had to go through a lot to get to this point. She now has to face into the reality of an abortion. She must do this overseas away from the support of family and friends. She must then return to this country which, because it ignores the problem, has no proper free post-abortion care or counselling available. This is the situation for thousands of Irish women.

The abortion issue must be resolved. Without legislation to clarify the ambiguous legal position with regard to abortion, women like “Miss D” (as Miss “X” and Miss “C” before her) will continue to be dragged through the courts. Meanwhile due to the State's failure to face the reality of tragic crisis pregnancy, 17 Irish women a day have the anguish of their situation compounded by the financial and emotional burden of being forced overseas for an abortion. The current position represents a "head in the sand" approach to a reality faced by thousands of women in Ireland each year and is incompatible with any notion of respect for women.

Choice Ireland are today calling for no more "X", "C" or "D" cases, for the repeal of the 8th amendment and for free, safe and legal abortion to be made available in Ireland.

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Val99 said...

I am both annoyed and saddened by the way the Miss D case has unfolded. Such cases really bring home the fact that Ireland has consistently avoided open debate on the issue of abortion. Consequently, we find ourselves in a country that does not respect a woman's right to choose.
I want the issue of abortion brought to the fore once more. We need to deabte this issue. We need another referendum. We need to legislate so that the rights and interests of all women in this country are protected. We need to put an end to our hypocritical ways and face the reality. This is a medical service that is sought by many many women annually in this country. We need to get real and legislate for the reality of our time.