Wednesday 20 June 2007

Fight For Women's Right to Choose!

Choice Ireland will hold a Pro Choice Rally at 2pm on Saturday 30th June at Central Bank Plaza, Dame St, Dublin 2. The theme of the rally is "Fight for Women's Right to Choose".

Confirmed Speakers include Sen. David Norris and Ivana Bacik.

Please pass on these details to anyone you think might come along.

Hope to see you there!

What do we want?
  • Free Access to Accurate Information on All Crisis Pregnancy Options
  • Legislation Regulating Information Provided by Crisis-Pregnancy Centres
  • Immediate Legislation for the X and C Cases
  • Proper Sex-Education
  • Free Access to Multiple Forms of Contraception Including the Morning-After Pill
  • Free and Legal Abortion on Demand
  • High-Quality Post-Abortion Care
  • End to Stigma Surrounding Abortion
  • Practical Support for Women Seeking Abortion
  • End to Stigma Surrounding Sexual Health and Contraceptive Needs
  • Increased Support for Single and Low-Income Parents
  • Increased Protection for Working Mothers
  • Free Access to Quality Childcare
  • End to Stigma Surrounding Single Parenthood
  • Choice in the Method of Childbirth
  • Creation of More Feminist Health Centres

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