Saturday 29 September 2007

Choice Ireland welcomes abortion poll results

Choice Ireland has welcomed a poll published in today’s Irish Times showing that a majority of women want legislation for abortion in Ireland.

Speaking before a meeting of Choice Ireland members and supporters in Dublin on Saturday, spokesperson Sinéad Ahern said:

“Choice Ireland has consistently maintained that abortion laws in this country are out of step with the feeling of the Irish people. Today’s poll is further evidence of that. It shows that 54% of Irish women believe the government should legislate for abortion, including majorities in almost every age group.

“This figure rises to 69% in cases where there is a threat to the woman’s life, including by suicide. The government’s ongoing refusal to act on these cases defies logic.”

Spokesperson Niav Keating added:

“Another telling statistic is that 42% of respondents say they personally know a woman who has had an abortion. Considering the secrecy and stigma that surrounds this decision, the likelihood is that well over half of us actually know someone who has done so. This demonstrates that the current law is ineffective in preventing abortions. It merely forces women to obtain them under the most difficult conditions.

“Women have spoken in this poll and it is clear that the days of ceding control of our bodies are over. Demand is growing for the right to make our own reproductive choices. The government and opposition parties must start listening and taking account of women’s views on this issue.”

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