Wednesday 17 September 2008

Debunking Myths about Abortion and Sex Education

Reproductive Health Reality Check has produced a series of videos dedicated towards debunking myths about reproductive choices and sex education. These videos take the format of a debate, providing arguments against reproductive rights and contraception access, which are then debunked with evidence.

We have posted them below for your convenience. Please note that figures quoted come from studies conducted, for the most part, in the United States.

This video deals with the issue of contraception access for youth, and the provision of it in schools:

RH Reality Check: Contraception Access For Youth from RH Reality Check on Vimeo.

The second video deals with the different kinds of pills used for reproductive choices, and clearly defines the difference between the contraceptive pill, the morning after pill, and RU486:

RH Reality Check: Emergency Contraception Vs. Abortion from RH Reality Check on Vimeo.

The video below deals with the debate between abstinence-only and comprehensive programmes of sex education:

RH Reality Check: Abstinence-Only Vs. Comprehensive Sex Education from RH Reality Check on Vimeo.

Finally, the video below deals with the argument that life begins at conception, explaining how this is an unscientific view:

RH Reality Check: Does Personhood Start At Fertilization? from RH Reality Check on Vimeo.

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