Friday 9 March 2007


Today Thursday the 8th of March is InternationalWomen’s Day and 2007 makes this the 15th anniversary of the X case ruling. It is therefore an appropriate occasion to ask “What the fuck is going on?” with this Rogue Agency currently calling itself the “WRC” located at number 50 on Upper Dorset Street.

The “WRC” at number 50 on Upper Dorset Street is a rogue pregnancy counselling agency. It is a rogue agency because it masquerades as a pro-choice agency in order to deceive, misinform, and manipulate women who come here seeking an abortion in the pursuit of its pro-life agenda. “WRC” is what is currently written on the sign above the door but this rogue agency has operated, and continues to operate under numerous aliases. Founded in 1995 it operated until 1999 as the “Aadams Women Centre” when it was forced to close after a scandal concerning
illegal adoptions. It then began operating as the “Women’s Counselling Network”. There was then a further media scandal concerning a woman who attended this rogue agency and subsequently had her appointment at an abortion clinic in Holland cancelled by someone who falsely claimed to be her boyfriend. This rogue agency currently advertises in the Golden Pages through two separately branded ‘fronts’. These fronts are called “Choice for Women” and “British Alternative Pregnancy Services”. When ever a woman responds to either of these two different advertisements, which are deliberately designed to give the misleading impression
of representing a pro-choice agency, they end up with an appointment here at number 50 on Upper Dorset Street. Every time a particular brand alias is exposed this rogue agency changes it, so remember the address that remains the same! The “WRC” is not the only rogue agency operating in Ireland. “Ask Majella” is another known rogue agency that also advertises in Dublin’s Golden Pages but operates at a location in Limerick.

The Misinformation and Deception of the Rogue Agency at 50 Upper Dorset St
This rogue agency misinforms women that it is impossible to have an abortion before eight weeks, even though an abortion during this period is cheaper and safer.
They also falsely claim that there is no such thing as a medical abortion and that all abortions are therefore surgical, even though a medical abortion is when a drug is administered to end pregnancy. In England medical abortions are performed up until 9 weeks.
Having falsely asserted that all abortions are surgical abortions they then claim that this surgery puts the woman’s life at risk. This is a gross overstatement of the small risk of complications associated with any surgical procedure. There are similar risks of complications with carry a pregnancy to full term.
The agency demands that a woman seeks an unnecessary ultrasound at a private hospital before information about abortion services will be disclosed. The agency has no intention of providing such information, it simply seeks to delay the woman’s plans by weeks and cause additional expense to be incurred. Three weeks later the agency will try to use the ultrasound image in a further attempt to try to get the woman to reconsider her course of action.
They misinform pregnant women that this is their only opportunity to have a child because abortion causes sterility. Abortion terminates a pregnancy not fertility!
They falsely claim that abortion causes depression, even though abortion can be an empowering choice that improves self-esteem for women faced with the truly depressing prospect of living with an unwanted pregnancy and unwanted children. If this agency really cared about women’s mental health then they’d probably offer support instead of manipulating them through lies into fear and guilt.
They misinform that abortion puts the woman’s life at risk because it causes a 90% increase to the risk of breast cancer, yet no major cancer organisation in the world believes that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer. If a woman won’t describe abortion as “killing my own baby” then they are pronounced “psychologically unfit” to have an abortion because you are supposedly in denial if you describe abortion in any other [ie. less pro-life] way.
They confuse abortion with rape by describing abortion as a ‘hostile penetration’, manipulating the real recent trauma of rape victims seeking an abortion. They have even insisted that rape cannot cause pregnancy, saying, it must be your boyfriend's child!
They also have claimed that abortion leads to both ‘promiscuity’ and ‘frigidity’!

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