Monday 19 March 2007

Useful Links on International advocate groups

I have mentioned the Columbian abortion challenge on Numerous occassions
both in AFC and;

The history to the case and backround are available at these links:-

other interesting alliances:-
(this is the link to the federa organisation- Polish federation for women
and family planning who are fighting the LPR constitutional challenge
to the abortion rights. ( I did a piece on indy, but you will have to use the
search engine at the top right, all the articles on the issue are in there)

The indy womyn project for women activists is available from the womyn's
mailing list that you can google and the site is developing nicely. it is open to
contributing and activist women within the IMC family of writers.

Wil update this when I have a chance, other interesting developments are
in Nicaragua and Portugal (both on

AFC has links to most groups and general reproductive rights issues
are coming up all the time on the various women's sites.
I will research the list and add in here as soon as I have time.

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