Saturday 24 March 2007

Pro Choice Campaigning Action 20 January 2007

Pro Choice Campaigning

dublin gender and sexuality news report Tuesday January 23, 2007 14:25 by Jane

Thousands of Pro Choice Leaflets were distributed in Dublin City Centre last weekend as part of a campaign to increase visibility of pro choice activism and to put the issue of Abortion Rights back on the agenda. Members of Labour Youth and BODY distributed leaflets advertising a Pro Choice Meeting that is taking place this Saturday at 3pm in the Central Hotel. There was an excellent reaction from passers by with several people stopping and to lend their support.

The issue of reproductive rights has been ignored by the mainstream media and political establishment. The positive reaction to the pro choice stalls ran over the last few weeks show that there is a growing demand for the issue of abortion rights to be discussed and acted on. Now is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to get involved in pro choice activism to unite and work together.The next stages of the campaign will be planned at the open working meeting taking place on Saturday.

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